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Window Tinting Options

Our window tinting technicians are trained in specialized techniques by leaders in the industry to give you the highest quality service available.  Kevin Richardson has over 29 years of certified experience in the field as an installer Auto Film Specialists’ in-house tint installers have been trained with all of the most up to date techniques and materials in the window film industry.  We treat our clients vehicle as if it is a rare gem by always protecting the vehicles door panel, dash, and interior.

Formula One Classic

FormulaOne® Classic™ is an uncompromising dyed window tint available in a wide variety of shades to help you express your personal style while enjoying the privacy you desire.

Window Tinting Chattanooga, TN

Pinnacle Ceramic

FormulaOne® Pinnacle® automotive tint is one of our most popular products. It increases your cool factor in multiple ways, with excellent heat rejection and a broad range of charcoal shades.

Window Tinting Chattanooga, TN

Stratos IR ceramic

FormulaOne® Stratos™ is a top-of-the-line nano-ceramic window tint made for vehicle owners who simply won’t settle. 

Window Tinting Chattanooga, TN