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Professional Paint Protection Film Install On A Restored 75 Bronco

Professional Paint Protection Film Install On A Beautifully Restored 75 Bronco

2A Window tinting has proudly served Chattanooga and northern Georgia for over 40 years.  Known for our tinting abilities, we have also expanded our services to include Paint Protection Film and ceramic coating. Our certifications have gained a reputation for superior quality. Because staying updated on the latest technology and what works with your vehicle is important and that is what we do. As vehicles become increasingly complicated with more and more technology, we are here to make sure nothing happens to your vehicle. We would never suggest something that we don’t use ourselves. A recently finished project was a restoration on our 1975 Ford bronco. We immediately installed a full body paint protection film to protect our hard work. Receive a free, fast, fair, and transparent quote for paint protection film in Chattanooga

Brief History Of The Ford Bronco

/ 1st Generation

/2nd Generation

/3rd Generation

/4th Generation

/5th Generation

1966 - 1977

In a press release months prior to its launch, Ford Vice President Donald N. Frey said, “We believe the Bronco will offer customers new standards in this type of vehicle including ruggedness, maneuverability, and ‘go anywhere’ roadability.”

Afterward, an optional 289 V-8 engine was introduced in April 1966, however the only engine offered at the time of the vehicle's introduction in late 1965 was a six-cylinder.

1978 - 1979

The renowned full-size two-door 4x4 market was the focus of the second-generation Bronco, which expanded in every dimension. At this time the Chevy Blazer/GMC Jimmy, Dodge Ramcharger/Plymouth Trailduster, and Jeep Cherokee were battling it out.

As a result of being full-size, the Bronco now mostly shared parts with the F-Series starting with the B-pillar onward. Additionally, it signaled the complete removal of the top. There was a fixed canopy over the front two passengers, but the fiberglass top covering the cargo space and back seats could still be unbolted and removed. 

1980 - 1986

Along with the rest of the F-Series series, the second-generation Bronco was revised in 1980. The introduction of Dana's innovative "Twin Traction Beam" (TTB) front axle, the first independent front suspension offered on a full-size 4x4 and was a significant advancement.

A TTB axle mimics a solid axle when it is not articulated, but the passenger side axle's intermediate shaft and universal joint allow each side to move independently on two pivot points. The wheels may react to dips and bumps more swiftly because of the single traction beam's advantage of having less spring weight than a full solid axle.

1987 - 1991

The fourth-generation Bronco was actually what we'd currently refer to as a mid-cycle upgrade, although new front sheet metal and an updated interior largely covered it up. The fundamental platform that debuted in 1980 would serve as the foundation for all ensuing generations of full-size Broncos.

The top engine remained the carbureted 351, but the base 300-cubic-inch inline-six now had fuel injection as well. In 1988, the 351 adopted a similar intake manifold that resembled the 5.0-liter's asymmetrical, long-runner design.

1992 - 1996

This Bronco iteration, which was based on the ninth-generation F-series chassis, continued to provide the same powertrain options. The front end looked more contemporary and aerodynamic while maintaining a generally strong and imposing presence thanks to the slightly sloping leading edge of the hood and a bigger grille that smoothed the internal edge of the headlamps' ordinarily square shape. It performed a fantastic job of updating the Bronco's fundamental design, which had remained mostly untouched since 1980.

The full-size Bronco's final five years of production had average annual sales of 32,000, but when Ford created a new F-150 for 1997, it couldn't find room in the lineup for a full-size two-door SUV.

What Is Paint Protection Film ( AKA Clear Bra)?

Paint protection film also known as “clear bra” or PPF, is a roughly 8 mm thick layer of clear protective film (typically made out of urethane or polyurethane) that can be installed on top of your vehicle. It protects the original paint from a wide range of problematic issues. Most have a self-healing property that allows the film to re-adhere to itself when reintroduced to heat(a hot sunny day or passing through a hot car wash).

The first PPF was created by 3M  military usage during the Vietnam war. It was applied to helicopter blades to prevent damage from debris and surface damage in battle. Because of its’ ability to form a tight and protective bond with any shape, it was an instant success. Afterward, it soon started becoming a staple for keeping vehicles in excellent condition. Its has risen in popularity in recent years because of the easily attained high-quality results it produces. We are proud to be one of the best professional paint protection film installers in the area!

Why We Chose To Install Paint Protection Film

Our vehicles are significant investments. Basically, everyone wants it to last as long as possible while still looking and performing at peak potential. The entire purpose of PPF is to keep your car looking better for longer. It provides a barrier between your original paint and everything in the world that wants to damage it. We aren’t trying to mislead you, it’s not going to make your vehicle indestructible but it does stop a large number of day-to-day accidents from permanently damaging your vehicle. We outline some of the main benefits below but remember that there any many more! Feel free to contact us for a free quote or to learn about more benefits of these films!

Bumper Package

Starting at $690+

Full Front Package

Starting at $2000+

Partial Front Package

Starting at $1090+

Full Vehicle Package

Starting at $6800

Why Should Chattanooga Choose Us As Their Professional Paint Protection Film Installers?

Not all Paint Protection Films are the same.  We are proud to be fully certified by Llumar! We use only the highest quality products that produce outstanding results. There is a reason we have remained highly respected in the industry for over four decades. If you have any questions, Please reach out to us today!

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