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Professional Ceramic Coating Chattanooga – 2A Window Tinting

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Providing Professional Ceramic Coating In Chattanooga

2A Window tinting is proud to have served Chattanooga and north Georgia for over 40 years.  While many know us for our tinting abilities, we have expanded our services to include ceramic coating and PPF. We are certified and have gained a reputation for superior quality. We stay updated on all the latest technology and what works with your vehicle. As vehicles become increasingly complicated with more and more technology, we are here to make sure nothing happens to your vehicle. Receive a free, fast, fair, and transparent quote for ceramic coating in Chattanooga!

What Is Ceramic Coating?

True ceramic coating, which is applied in liquid form and dries to produce a hard layer on top of the paint, is a long-lasting nanoscopic exterior car paint treatment and protectant. The main component of ceramic coating is silicon dioxide as an added hardening agent, certain kinds and brands additionally include titanium dioxide (titania, Ti02). It was developed to protect your paint from UV rays, enhance the shine or color of your paint, and make cleaning up after your car a snap! For many of us, maintaining the exterior of our vehicles is just a normal aspect of ownership. There are many different reasons someone may want to ceramic coat a vehicle. We will outline the benefits in this article. 

Top 8 benefits Of Getting Professional Window Tinting In Chattanooga

Do you wish to preserve the appearance of your automobile for as long as possible? If you’re a vehicle aficionado there’s a good chance that the answer to that question is a loud yes.
However, there is a ton of advice and information available on how to go about maintaining a vehicle in top shape. Fans and shops agree ceramic coating is quickly becoming a standard way to preserve a car’s appearance.


1. Protects The Paint

The capability of ceramic coating to protect a car’s original paintwork is its main advantage. Although typically a clear coat is already applied over the original paint on automobiles, it is constructed of a softer material and degrades more quickly over time.

Even occasional drivers will see how an automobile is affected by wear and tear. Accidental dings, stone fragments, varying temperatures, there are several factors that have an impact on the paintwork of your automobile. Ceramic coating is an extra layer of protection.

2. Easier Car Maintenance

Ceramic coating is hydrophobic. A hydrophobic surface causes water to bead and roll off rather than soak into the substance when it comes into contact with it. This means that any water-based debris, oil, and grime will have an extremely difficult staying on your vehicle. This makes washing off your vehicle not only quick but extremely easy. Stop spending hours making your automobile shine!



3. Protection From UV Rays

It is easy to see how ceramic coating will protect from physical problems like scratches and grime but one thing that most people overlook is the UV protection it provides. Over time the sun can fade and discolor the paint of your vehicle. Most people are forced to leave their vehicles in parking lots and driveways for long periods of time. An extra layer of ceramic coating keeps the color vibrant.

4. Protection From Environment

Have you ever noticed any odd spots on the paint job of your car? Most likely, you don’t recall putting anything on it, especially nothing potent enough to mark the paint. In actuality, these stains might be brought on by acidic airborne. This could be anything from acidic rain to industrial pollutions. A ceramic coating may be able to stop environmental paint fading if you reside in a city with high levels of air pollution.


5. Beautiful Finish

Many people believe that these kinds of services are only for new automobiles. That is untrue.

The reality is that new ceramic coatings can restore the appearance of old paint. It can at least restore the shine that has worn off over time through exposure to the weather. Keep in mind that it is  a transparent finish so some paint correction may needed before ceramic coating installation. 


6. Cost Efficient

Ceramic coating has a somewhat higher initial cost than an services like waxing, but because it lasts so long in contrast, it offers considerably greater value.

It is advised to wax an automobile at least once every season. It is typical to apply sunscreen at least twice a year—once before the hot summer months to defend against UV radiation and once before the winter to protect against weather and road salt.

Imagine the savings on waxing over the course of a ceramic coating’s projected lifespan of four to five years, especially if you typically pay a professional to do it.


7. Added Resale Value

Consider two identical vehicles that have the same age, color, and mileage. One has always been coated in ceramic, the other hasn’t.

The paintwork on the ceramic-coated automobile will appear far superior to the paintwork on the unprotected car. No fades, fewer scraches, less rust and still brightly colored. This raises the car’s value while also improving its curb appeal. Your chances of selling it will greatly increase.

8. Glass Protection

Believe it or not, the glass on your vehicle windshield is made out of the same ultra-fine silica that ceramic coatings contain. When they bond together they create an ever more efficient hydrophobic surface. While this offers a more clear windshield in a rain storm, it also means your wiper will operate more smoothly. Ceramic coating can even make your wiper replacement less frequent.


Why Choose 2A Window Tinting for Ceramic Coating In Chattanooga?

Not all ceramic coatings are created equally. We use only the highest quality products that produce outstanding results. There is a reason we have remained highly respected in the industry for over four decades. Don’t just take out word for it. Check out our  client’s testimonials and reviews. 

Ceramic Coating In Chattanooga